Thursday, June 30, 2011

button willow raceway PERFORMANCE DRIVING CLINIC

hey guys,
i thought i'd post this up here also.

its a great event w full day professional 1 on 1 instructions, free lunch etc etc
cost is only 195 for all day.

i did it once and i'll do it again in a heart beat...its a great event

if you want to find out more info please go to the site here

here are the next coming up dates
Saturday, August 20
Saturday, December 17

lets all go!!! guaranteed to be a blast

installing the oil cooler ;)

huge meet - alhambra - 10ish pm

hey guys,

i know i told you about this but thought i'd put out a reminder.

theres a huge meet tomorrow night in alhambra, behind gallery nucleus.

try to come out..its all sorts of cars so no one is left out =)

Split 'em

Hey Gugs,

finally the new custom APR splitter is on....

lets see if it works on the track =)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my old fit ;)

moments from back in the day of a FIT MEET I went to! That car was so much fun, oh how I miss her so! ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oil Cooler in Affect

I finally installed an Oil Cooler for my Z34 over the weekend. Very nice kit it comes with everything you need no additional items needed to be purchased to complete the kit. All the magical items to keep your Z cool is packaged nicely in the box. My wrench'n buddies helped me do the install. It's very easy DIY nothing crazy hard about it. Everything went real smooth except for when it came time to tighten the hoses onto the sandwich plate. The angle was tricky trying to get your combo wrench in there but James A.K.A Mod Man handle it like a champ. He got battle damage from that damn sandwich plate. Maybe it'll turn into a cool scar and he can tell girls how he got it LOL! After "X" amount hours we got everything installed put back together and I had one damn bolt felt! Why is there's always one bolt left? Some where on my car there's a lonely thread that's missing it's soul mate, oh well.

Impression time, wow it works great! Driving around town keeps the temps barely above 180 F. On the way home from Fabian's house I drove the car pretty hard kept it in high revs for moments at time to see how high the temps would shoot to. Previously If I'd done that the temps would rise to 215-220 easily. Driving on the 10FWY while pushing my car with in the safe limits on the public road the temps rose to 190 F max. After a short while I encountered traffic during that period the temps shot to 200-210F. When traffic broke free and I was able to get air towards the cooler the temps went down to 180 F within a minutes you can actually see the temp needle going down. Driving the car during lunch hour when the day was nice and hot the temps stayed right around 185F. All I can say is I should have bought this MOD a long time ago. Now we will see how my car does at Buttonwillow on July 9th. I've been checking for any leaks since the install and everything is looking good.

Link to the kit:

Link to 350Z kit ;)


I did a photoshop mock up of the advan rs-d in matte black! Oh man, I have to get these wheels!!! D: :D will anyone sponsor me? lol

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jacked UP

So after raising Walter's 370z this weekend, we discovered the factory recommends jacking from the seams. Flying miata has the perfect tool to protect those seams from bending or folding over. Thought you guys might like this!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Keep Them Wheels Super BLING

Want to keep your wheels looking new? Now you can with Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner super easy to use it's one of best products I've used for wheel care. It doesn't get any easier then this! Here's the link for purchase for anyone who's interested.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Speed Ventures

$99 Early Bird Price!

For a limited number of spots, the price to run Buttonwillow at the end of July is only $99. This price WILL NOT LAST so if you want to run the popular Race #13 CW configuration for peanuts, sign up now! Beginners are welcome on Saturday and the HFF Challenge for front-wheel/front-engine Hondas will run on Sunday.

car porn vol. 1


Why? Because I can! Steel Workshop Table Legs....Part 1
It didnt stand a chance

Argon Gas Tank

Tig Welder AC/DC for AL

Massive C do this no justice

Grade C6 Tungsten Carbide Steel Cutting Blade

Just a little of what I've been up to in the shop. Once I have my steel workbench setup it will be much easier to get the rest of my projects up and running! I havnt had this much fun in a long time. Cutting, grinding, and melting raw steel puts a smile on my face. Oah the ideasssss I have.....more to come.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

bmw 1m goes nuts

Track pics, times and all that jazzzzzzzzz

Speed district (LINK)
had their first track event at Willow Springs WSIR aka big willow

Here are some pics. Check the link for more pics and other track day info -

next date is july 9th, 2011 (button willow cw13)

Best time for me was 1:40 was aiming for 30's but oh well.

it was hot, recently repaved and a bit slippery.

the fastest car of the day was 1:36 from the porsche GT2 in the pics running Hoosiers

Heavy Metal

A trip to IMS for raw materials.

Project number 1. Get the TIG welder up and running > build a table.

Torqued Steel

A place for friends who like to drive, modify, and fabricate. We all have a life outside of our workplace, and for SOME of us, it revolves around automobiles. You see, I'm particularly interested in the ones that let me go fast and come MAKE me come back for more. The kind of car that tests your courage, strength and limits of fear. I thought this could be a great place for us to share our stories of our "other" daily lives both on and off the track.