Monday, June 27, 2011

Oil Cooler in Affect

I finally installed an Oil Cooler for my Z34 over the weekend. Very nice kit it comes with everything you need no additional items needed to be purchased to complete the kit. All the magical items to keep your Z cool is packaged nicely in the box. My wrench'n buddies helped me do the install. It's very easy DIY nothing crazy hard about it. Everything went real smooth except for when it came time to tighten the hoses onto the sandwich plate. The angle was tricky trying to get your combo wrench in there but James A.K.A Mod Man handle it like a champ. He got battle damage from that damn sandwich plate. Maybe it'll turn into a cool scar and he can tell girls how he got it LOL! After "X" amount hours we got everything installed put back together and I had one damn bolt felt! Why is there's always one bolt left? Some where on my car there's a lonely thread that's missing it's soul mate, oh well.

Impression time, wow it works great! Driving around town keeps the temps barely above 180 F. On the way home from Fabian's house I drove the car pretty hard kept it in high revs for moments at time to see how high the temps would shoot to. Previously If I'd done that the temps would rise to 215-220 easily. Driving on the 10FWY while pushing my car with in the safe limits on the public road the temps rose to 190 F max. After a short while I encountered traffic during that period the temps shot to 200-210F. When traffic broke free and I was able to get air towards the cooler the temps went down to 180 F within a minutes you can actually see the temp needle going down. Driving the car during lunch hour when the day was nice and hot the temps stayed right around 185F. All I can say is I should have bought this MOD a long time ago. Now we will see how my car does at Buttonwillow on July 9th. I've been checking for any leaks since the install and everything is looking good.

Link to the kit:

Link to 350Z kit ;)


  1. Walter-Great write up buddy! The photos look awesome! Really captured the excitement of the day! :) Cheaaaa mannnn!!!!

  2. Thanks man! I gonna upload more photos tonight!

  3. Thats really awesome!!! I'm glad you're happy with it. I think someone's going in with some good strong confidence in their car for buttonwillow!