Friday, July 1, 2011

midnight run

I had an idea of a name for a car group for a little while. In homage to The Mid Night Club in Japan.

it might be fun to stick them on our helmets on our bumpers sideways D:

I was just having fun playing around with logos.. james thought it was cheesy but what the hell lol! :D


  1. lols..
    i do think it is cheesy....these are my thoughts and would like to communicate as an open forum about this.

    I think its wierd especially if its a japanese flag on the logo...on my m3 would looks quite strange
    same w Fab's vette.

    i like the idea of a club name..but i think its best to keep it away from focused branding like japanese homage, street racing "crews" etc.

    in my opinion we're not nnoying kids w fixed up bucket of bolts. we have real driving machines and perhaps would be nice to envision a sense of maturity and motorsports instead of crews and racing.

    Instead of a type treatment how about a graphic logo?
    something that could be used universally that represents us as a symbol...not words.


  2. Wow Jason, you are hardcore about this stuff! Haha I like that you're taking the initiative on this thing, but I do agree with James on the club....I cant roll with the the JAP reference either....I do really dig the idea of coming up witht a graphic that represents something though!
    One of the coolest things I"ve seen is the GT graphic for grand turismo. I propose we come up with something along those lines. I think it'd be clean and we could rock it no matter what our vehicles "ethnic" backgrounds are =P

  3. since we are coming from different brands of car culture but have a common thread of motorsports and would be nice to have a graphic logo represent us rather than a name.

    I dunno....just my thoughts

  4. nice logos none the less =)

  5. Haha, I completely agree with you James and Fabian. I recently watched a cool video about the Mid Night Club and I got all pumped up. I think James has a good point to design a universal symbol that represents our culture rather than a club. I'll put my creative juices on that!! Thanks buds! Jason

  6. I like the graphic logo idea as well only we'll know what it represents, to all others it can just be a cool logo.

    MIDNIGHT RUN!!!!! but imagine that with an American voice over from a Japanese anime, echoing with a long delay. LOL