Sunday, July 24, 2011

more traction for the miata

yay! my first post :)
so i finally sourced a limited slip differential for the miata. this one is a torsen type LSD with 4.10:1 gears pulled from a 96 with somewhere close to 130k miles on it. i've read a lot of positive things about these mechanical LSD as opposed to the expensive clutch type LSDs and am looking forward to seeing how the miata handles with it on the track. gonna try to get her under the car sometime before next saturday's streets of willow event (hah... we'll see if that actually happens).

i've also got a newish oem hood coming to replace the ravaged one that's currently attached to the miata. happy days :)


  1. congrats man!

    now u can rip it up and test it on the track!!

  2. what James Said! :) We missed you yesterday at Streets! ;D