Monday, August 15, 2011

This Weekend in FAIL

... so i tried making a water hose tube that i didnt need and ended up gashin myself doin it. it left a pretty cool gears of war sorta look on my catalytic, of which i destroyed a bolt trying to strip it from the flange. it now needs some welding action for me to stay in a reasonable budget. some hoses i bought at the zone didnt quite work, so i ended up getting one of those flexy guys, works well enough i suppose. and last but not least, i strategically installed the downpipe with the long block to make life easier. turns out i needed the older pipe with the hole for the o2 sensor; i effectively strategically made more work for myself :( i'm close though, just a little soldering action to extend some wires and figuring out how to bolt the clutch stuff back in place and it should be ready to go!


  1. looks like a hand full of a weekend bro

  2. Geez man that looked like it hurt! You should leave the cat with your blood stains.